Comedy play scripts you can purchase to use

We have several script that are available from successful past productions.

An Evening to Forget
The ‘Boss coming to dinner’ trope is one that has been used for years, but this script succeeds in taking it in a new direction in spectacular fashion with elements of light comedy, farce and thriller.
Olivia is worried, because her boss is coming to dinner and it’s very short notice. And he’s bringing a companion. And it’s a very important dinner. But when things really go wrong, it’s not any of the issues she was imagining. One simple set, of about 1:30 hrs. First performed Apr 2022.

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In a Hole
A comedy about what happens when your mysterious neighbour digs a hole next door.
Woody becomes obsessed with the hole in the garden next door and, with the help of his friend Benny, decides to find out more. Can their wives Beth and Sally bring them back on track before the police get involved. With life’s problems, laughs and twists it all works itself out.
Very funny script about relationships and failed opportunities. Two sets mostly one indoor one, of about 1:30 hrs. First performed Dec 2021.

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A Girl Next Door
A fast moving very funny farce taking place over 2 hours for 4F & 3M. This switches between 3 very similar flats taking place over a 2hr period. First performed in Nov 2019

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Death of the Dowager
This was performed to full houses in Nov 2018 and is a fun Edwardian murder mystery. Its a simple 2 act play all on one set, for 3-4F, 4-5M. with a running time of about 1 hour 25 minutes.

There are quite a few fun twists and turns in the plot to keep the audience guessing. Some great character parts for actors to get their teeth into.

To get a copy of Death of the Dowager click here

Cinders the pantomime
This a fun pantomime set in a dystopian future with a sort of Black adder and Freaky Friday mix to it (so no need for a quick dress change). Some great bit parts (witch, designer, Ambassador) and one liners. This was performed as the Newton Panto in 2016 to full audiences.

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